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Softether VPN 去除开源版本的企业限制



 但是在SoftEther VPN下发明细路由推送的时候提示:不支持此功能。它尚未在SoftEther VPN的开源版本上实施。

解除限制方法 1 :


主要看下源码中的限制位置,Softethervpn 4.38 Build 9760


// The SoftEther VPN Project intentionally disables these functions for users
// in Japan and China. The reason is: Daiyuu Nobori, the chief author of
// SoftEther VPN, has been liable to observe the existing agreements and
// restrictions between him and some companies. The agreements have regulated
// the region-limited restriction to implement and distribute the above
// enterprise functions on the SoftEther VPN open-source program.
// Therefore, the SoftEther VPN Project distributes the binary program and
// the source code with the "SiIsEnterpriseFunctionsRestrictedOnOpenSource"
// function. This function identifies whether the SoftEther VPN Server
// program is running in either Japan or China. If the restricted region is
// detected, then the above enterprise functions will be disabled.
// Please note that the above restriction has been imposed only on the
// original binaries and source codes from the SoftEther VPN Project.
// Anyone, except Daiyuu Nobori, who understands and writes the C language
// program can remove this restriction at his own risk.
bool SiIsEnterpriseFunctionsRestrictedOnOpenSource(CEDAR *c)
    char region[128];
    bool ret = false;
    // Validate arguments
    if (c == NULL)
        return false;
    SiGetCurrentRegion(c, region, sizeof(region));
    if (StrCmpi(region, "JP") == 0 || StrCmpi(region, "CN") == 0)
        ret = true;
    return ret;

直接改为return false就行了

解除限制方法 2 :


mov dword ptr ss:[rsp+B0],1




Softethervpn 4.38 Build 9760



提取码: qgi6


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