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“Connection Interrupted” error message displayed while logging off ICA session

Intermittently during a logoff from a XenDesktop session, a blank desktop is presented with a message that the connection was interrupted, and that Citrix Receiver tries to reconnect.

Solution 1: Follow the below steps to identify the driver causing the problem.

1. On the VDA, where the issue is happening, run elevated Command Prompt.
2. Run the command fltmc to see all the filter drivers loaded on the VDA.
3. Check if you have any drivers named TDx.sys. (where ‘x’ is a wild card, so it could be anything like TDabc.sys, TDxyz.sys or so)
4. Disable that filter driver one by one using “sc config “TDx.sys” Start=disabled” command.
5. Once disabled, you should not see the “Connection Interrupted” anymore.

Solution 2:

Uninstall existing VMWare Tool
Download VMWare Tool version 10.3.5 and install excluding SVGA Driver.

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Problem Cause

List of drivers which have been identified to cause this issue but are not limited to are:

– C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\neofltr_803_30597.sys
Deprecation information for TDI, vendors providing their solutions should be using Windows Filtering Platform or Winsock Kernel which are fully supported by now.

Windows Server 8.1 and 2012 R2 upwards will flag these drivers with an event id 16001 in the System log from source AFD that reads:
A TDI filter (\Driver\<name>) was detected. This filter has not been certified by Microsoft and may cause system instability


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