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Linux VPS Network installation system



  • Suitable for :Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS
    • Pay special attention to the inapplicability of OpenVZ architecture
  • System default
  • Change password command:passwd root
  • Support Alibabacloud


# Debian/Ubuntu:
apt-get update
# RedHat/CentOS:
yum update

# Debian/Ubuntu:
apt-get install -y xz-utils openssl gawk file
# RedHat/CentOS:
yum install -y xz openssl gawk file

wget --no-check-certificate -qO '' && chmod a+x

automatic installation of Ubuntu 16.04 x64:

bash -u 16.04 -v 64 -a

automatic installation of Debian 8 x64:

bash -d 8 -v 64 -a

automatic installation of Debian 9 x64:

bash -d 9 -v 64 -a

automatic installation of CentOS 6.7 x64:

bash -c 6.7 -v 64 -a

**Need another version, please enter the version number manually **

example:bash -u 20.04 -v 64 -a

Original:Linux VPS Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS 网络重装一键脚本 纯净安装 – SunPma’Blog

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